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  • Title : La Traversée du Feu
  • Author : Jean-Luc PARANT
  • Size : 22 cm x 20 cm
  • Price : 250 euros / 330 dollars
Printed in 32 copies on 250gr Rives paper, 12 are for restricted sale only. Enhanced by original collages, each book is numbered and signed byJean-Luc and Titi Parant.
Jean-Luc Parant was born in 1944. He is a French sculptor, writer and poet. He founded the Maison de l’art Vivant and wrote a hundred of books. He works on everything that deals with sphericity. With his wife the artist Titi Parant, they write, paint and sculpt a love diary, where drawings and collages form a work of art which is like the log book of their daily work.
  • Titre : La Traversée du Feu
  • Author : Jean-Luc PARANT
  • Dimensions : 22 cm x 20 cm
  • Prix : 250 euros / 330 dollars
Cet ouvrage tiré sur papier Rives 250 grammes, se compose de 32 exemplaires numérotés dont 12 exemplaires H.C.
L’ensemble, enrichi de collages originaux,
est signé au colophon par Jean-Luc et Titi Parant.