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  • Title : Cheval blanc
  • Author : Marc BLANCHET
  • Price : 80 euros / 110 dollars
Printed in 38 copies on Arches paper, illustrated with three reproduced ink works. Each book is signed and numbered by the artist.
Gérard Titus-Carmel is a French painter born in 1942. Since the 60s, his work reveals his taste for litterature ans poetry, as shown by the itles and dedications of his paintings, drawings and engravings.
He also illustrated many publication by poets and writers, and himself published books, essays on art and poems collections.
  • Titre : Cheval blanc
  • Author : Marc BLANCHET
  • Prix : 80 euros / 110 dollars
Cet ouvrage imprimé à 38 exemplaires sur Vélin d’Arches est numéroté et signé par l’auteur et l’artiste.
Le livre est illustré par la reproduction de trois encres.